The Boulder Creek Men's Club is a member of the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA).
The club has been in existence since 1963. In 1968 it petitioned and became a member of the NCGA.
As a member of the NCGA, the Boulder Creek Men's Club enjoys the services offered by the NCGA.

Welcome to the Boulder Creek Men's Club
What We're About
The Boulder Creek Men's Club sponsors a number of tournaments during the year. The majority of our tournaments are played at our home course at the Boulder Creek Golf and Country Club. We also incorporate away tournaments which take place in Central Coast Area golf courses. In addition, we sponsor a couple of dinner dances throughout the year.

See the Boulder Creek Golf and Country Club layout or driving instructions on how to get there.


On the Friday preceding a given tournament go to the Tournaments page and find the current tournament then click on "Find Your Start Time". The Tournament Starter's List will be displayed. The tournament results will be posted in this same area immediately following a tournament. Just click on "Tournament Results".

Check out our Tournament schedule.


Membership is open to anyone who enjoys the game of golf and wants to participate in our tournaments. If you wish to join or renew, please review our membership application.

Celebrating our 52nd Anniversary 1963-2015